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#1 2021-06-01 09:23:32

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Miro, technically should not be TNT Champion

I might or might not be the only person that thinks this or noticed it, when Miro faced Darby Allin and won the TNT Championship, I couldn’t help but notice when Miro had Darby in his finisher, Miro shoulders were down on the mat with Darby’s weight on top, effectively a pinfall for at least a count of three, before the referee called the submission to end the match. This very well could have been done by AEW to revisit this further down the line between Miro & Darby. But am curious as to whether I’m the only one who noticed that and what your thoughts are about this.


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Re: Miro, technically should not be TNT Champion

Miro one's weakness is being exposed for the pin, which will backfire  on his "Camel Clutch" submission...  Happen not only when he beat Darby, but happen when he face Lance Archer as well....  I think if Darby Allin gets a rematch or if  someone like Jungle Boy get a match against Miro they will get a pin and win in....


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