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Released superstars that would have been big main eventers...

For the past couple of years, the WWE has released many superstars. Many stars were pretty worthy of getting released but there are a few names that didn't deserve it as some of us felt they had potential to have a good future in WWE. The company messed it all up for them.

Some names that I can think of that didn't deserve to get the axe and had potential to be huge were these names but these are just my opinion though.

- Bray Wyatt aka The Fiend
(Bray was already becoming a top star and getting up there but he deserved longer champ reigns and deserved to be treated better)

- Adam Cole
(Cole would have been huge, he was definitely WWE champ/Universal champ worthy)

- Keith Lee
(Keith would have been huge whether he was babyface or heel, he could have been something)

- Braun Strowman
(Before Strowman got the axe, he was getting massively popular. He definitely would have been main event material)

- Karrion Kross
(Ever since Karrion's arrival on the main roster, he's been squashing the smaller guys helping to build up his character and Karrion was getting over. This guy was main event material absolutely. Fans were loving him, too bad WWE didn't see that)

- Aleister Black
(Need I say more? Many are critical of his wrestling skills but I thought he was pretty cool. He was definitely over and was going places. He could have had a long championship reign for sure)

- Rusev
(Rusev was main event material for a little while and before Rusev got the axe, he was getting popular pretty quick)

I'm sure a lot of you on here would agree with this list, I hope but if I'm missing some names please feel free to continue the list.

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Re: Released superstars that would have been big main eventers...

Aj29051994 wrote:

Strowman already was main event material.

Adam Cole was not released, like Bryan Danielson/Daniel Bryan, his contract was up and decided to move on from WWE.

You're right about Cole, my bad. I just read it was his decision alone not to re-sign with WWE... I read that McMahon wanted to keep him originally but either way, Cole would have been main event material.

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Re: Released superstars that would have been big main eventers...

In Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman's case they were already main eventers. Rusev was a huge missed opportunity, he got over everything they threw at him. I heard Vince thought the Rusev Day chants were the fans mocking Rusev, which is why he split from Aiden and went heel. Honestly he could have been a modern day Iron Sheik.

It makes you wonder what their actual plans are. NXT 2.0 has been horrendous, but some of the roster has some promise. I still find it stupid how someone can have an over gimmick in NXT but get completely repackaged in WWE, in Karrion's case into a joke of his former self. I not only hope but I'm pretty sure everyone on this list is going to find better success elsewhere.

WWE is hurting for main eventers, and aside from Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt, I can't think of another guy they've built from scratch and turned into a success, now one of those guys is gone and in all reality I think Bray's success was more dependent on him rather than the company. Much like Rusev he seemed to make anything they gave him work. The Fiend should have been so much bigger than it was, but bad booking hurt that character beyond repair after awhile.


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