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Rhea Rhipley/Nikki split up... unpredictable for once...

That was a great segment on RAW last night between Rhea and Nikki. When Rhea was saying she wanted go their separate ways, I knew one of them was gonna end up turning heel but didn't know which one. I'm sure we all were expecting Rhea to turn on Nikki and start beating the hell out of her, I was kind of expecting that but it ended up being Nikki turning on Rhea and beating her up instead which was an interesting twist.

Looks like WWE isn't ready to turn Rhea heel yet 'cause Rhea's popularity is skyrocketing too as you all can see, her fanbase is growing so there's no way they'll turn her heel again. I think Rhea will be a babyface for a long while. Turning Rhea heel this soon would have been kind of risky so they won't do it.

I was kind of surprised with that segment and that is one thing WWE is missing "unpredictability" and we need more of that.

Just had to give my thoughts on this.

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Re: Rhea Rhipley/Nikki split up... unpredictable for once...

I don’t know if they’ll go full heel with Nikki ASH or more of a tweener. I’m not surprised though I mean there’s only so long you can pull off a pure Babyface act like Nikki’s I mean we all saw what happened with Bayley’s hugger Babyface gimmick and how the fans turned on that. This just might be WWE’s way of getting ahead of the game although given the unpredictability and constant impatience of wrestling fans it remains to be seen whether this will work or not.


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