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Best Faction in AEW

What/Who is  the Best Faction in AEW??   The Inner Circle, The Elite, The Nightmare Family, The Death Triangle, SCU,  The Dark Order, or a group/team I didn't mention??   With that  if you could add any free-agent or AEW Wrestler who isn't a member of one to the stable/faction who would it be, and why??
For one example I say the former Eric Rowan now Eric Redbeard to the Dark Order, cause of his past with Brodie Lee...


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Re: Best Faction in AEW

For me it is the elite hands down. However I really love best friends with freshly squeezed as well.


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Re: Best Faction in AEW

For me it's a tie between the Inner Circle and the Dark Order. I love the Inner Circle 'cause they remind of the NWO and while they're meant to be heels. I love how they mix it in with comedy 'cause they are funny. I love the Dark Order 'cause of it's mysterious and edginess.

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Re: Best Faction in AEW

I don't know if you'd qualify them as a faction, but my favorite group in AEW is Penelope Ford, Kip Sabian and Jimmy Havoc.

If it takes another to make a faction, I'd love to see AEW try to get Chris Brookes and add him to the group. I think he'd be a solid fit with the group. Then they'd have enough people to do a regular tag team, a singles star, and of course a female.


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