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#1 2020-07-14 20:25:54

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AEW Second Show thought

So Tony Kahn was on Eric Bischoff's 83 Weeks Podcast,  both previewing Fight for the Fallen this week and talking about other various topics... One of the Various topics was more programming, as Tony mentioned with WCW doing Thunder as well as other shows WCW did prior like WCW World Wide, as well as WWF/WWE Smackdown and Sunday Night Heat... Really thinking with AEW having one hour of time for their second show they may go the route of Sunday Night Heat..   By the way Tony talked the show debut is up in the air do to Covid...
What y'alls thought on this??


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Re: AEW Second Show thought

That's interesting in and of itself that Tony would choose to appear on Eric Bischoff's podcast, because of Bischoff's past association with WWE.  I wouldn't tell him a thing I didn't want to get out.  I do like the thought of a 1 hour show, that wouldn't be overkill, just a matter of finding the right night of the week to air it.


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Re: AEW Second Show thought

I like the idea of a second 1hr show. It'd give some exposure to some talented folks who don't regularly see Dynamite, and who might be getting overlooked on Dark. I love Dark, but I don't imagine there are as many people as me that watch it weekly. They could use another 1hr platform on TNT to help build some more women, and the men's midcard.

If it's a complimentary show, the question then becomes where do you put it? Assuming they're continuing Dark, Wednesday and Tuesday are out. You probably wouldn't want to run head-to-head with RAW or Smackdown with this type of program, so that eliminates Monday and Friday. Saturday is your PPV, so that's out. That leaves them with Thursday and Sunday as viable options. So which would be better? I lean Thursday.


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