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#1 2020-07-28 13:52:29

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Women's Tag Team Tournament

So it was announced last week on Dynamite that AEW going have a Women's Tag tournament - 8 team-16 women- not sure what going be the prize (thinking a trophy, maybe belts with a deep depth of the women's roster).... 
Big thing is looks like AEW is trying to stay creative with storylines and programs to work as the pandemic continues and limited with what can and can't be done...  I like the idea as I said AEW have deep talent roster in the Women's division..  Hoping to see several women we haven't seen in several months due to commitments and the shut-down,  like Sadie Gibbs, Emi Sakura, Bea Priestly, and Shanna...
Anyhow what are your thoughts???


#2 2020-07-28 16:53:18

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Re: Women's Tag Team Tournament

Id like to see a womens tag team title for them.  Hard to figure out which direction things are going to go because of the pandemic, and quite a few of the foreign born wrestlers are hesitant about coming back here for now to work, plus there is about 13-15 countries that wont let the USA in right now.


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