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#1 2020-08-05 22:05:19

HC13 Aries Styles
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Orange Cassidy Fan base

Still not really to sold on him....  But what is everyone else's thoughts on him???
Sure he can do some moves when he wants to, but he haven't really impressed me...   I get the character, but I don't like it much...


#2 2020-08-06 13:49:57

From: United Kingdom
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Re: Orange Cassidy Fan base

I must admit, I do not mind Orange Cassidy, I am not his biggest fan or anything but I do not mind what his character is, it is something different from anything I have seen in wrestling before, is he arguably one of the hottest/most over talents in AEW at the moment? Yes he is. However I fully expect that in a couple of years or maybe not even a couple of years that the fans will just turn on Orange Cassidy and get bored of him, as inevitably it does seem to be so difficult to ever please the vast majority of wrestling fans.


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