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#1 2020-08-06 13:57:59

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MJF World Champion at All Out?

Just curious to get your thoughts on MJF Vs Jon Moxley at All Out.

Do you think MJF should be given a run with the World Championship?

Or do you think it will be too soon for him and the championship should remain with Moxley?


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Re: MJF World Champion at All Out?

I can understand why they haven't put the title on the less familiar names so far, but AEW has been up and running for nearly a year now on TV, and its given them enough time to introduce us to the less familiar names in pro wrestling.  Its probably time as MJF is still undefeated in singles competition, the only loses he has is 2 tag team losses.


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Re: MJF World Champion at All Out?

I'd prefer to see the belt stay on Moxley. He's been a good champion, in my estimation.

As for MJF, I love his work- even though I can't stand his character, for all of the right reasons that make him a great heel. He's a future World Champion, no doubt. There are two main reasons I don't want the future to be now though.

The first, I'd like to see him hold the TNT title first. I'm a big fan of the slow build. If his first major title win is the World belt, everything else would seem a step down. Why not let him get that milestone first, so it feels big?

The second: when he wins the World Title, it should be in front of an audience. That's not so he can get a "You deserve it" chant, or anything like that. On the contrary, those boos raining down on him will make the moment feel bigger. Plus, I think his reign will be stronger if he has a crowd to play off of for heel heat.

Moxley's established, he's good- so I'd just sooner see him carry the belt for now. If they're going to switch it, then put it on a guy who's been a major champion somewhere else before so it's not their first "big" moment.


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