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Scorpio Sky the Sky is the Limit for Him

I have followed Scorpio Sky for a while, from his work on the west coast- Championship Wrestling from Hollywood-  some PWG not much, his brief X-Division run-matches in Impact, his work as a trio in SCU with Daniels and Kazarian in Ring of Honor and now AEW...  He have proved he can play the face or he can play the heel or he can adapt to any role thrown at him...

Several things to touch on as said yes the sky is the limit for him esp in AEW right now, facing Cody for TNT title tonight (8-12-2020)... A title I think it a matter of time for him to win... But, is that all for him, is being a former AEW Tag Team Champion and maybe holding the TNT title all???   I think he proven back in late 2019 when he face Chris Jericho for the AEW World title he can go with the best... Thus I wouldn't be surprise to see him in the World title picture in the future, may be this year, or maybe sometime in 2021??

What do y'all think???


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Re: Scorpio Sky the Sky is the Limit for Him

Ultra-talented guy. He put on a tremendous match with Cody last night. I'm curious where they're going with the character, though. I like that he's showing more edge. They're also having him show a good bit of frustration, too. Taz played into that a bit on commentary. I can't remember what he said verbatim, but something about Sky needing more killer instinct basically. Could he be going heel? I don't feel the timing is right for MJF to take the belt off of Moxley. I do, however, think if they build him up a bit more, a heel Sky taking the belt off Moxley around the end of the year would be a good story.


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