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#1 2020-08-15 12:54:30

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So the First Future Endeavors for AEW

The 1st being Jimmy Havoc who was accused  of Sexual misconduct and other abuse that was brought to light with the #SpeakingOut...  Don't think we will see him back in an American ring no less AEW, except for some Indys if that..

The next two being two women Bea Priestly and Sadie Gibbs... Reason for their release was due to the travel issues/bans prohibiting  travel from outside the USA  to the USA due to the pandemic... Which probably want be lifted til early 2021 if that??   Now I can and could see AEW offering them another contract/rehire them  when they can come the states... 

What are y'all thoughts on these releases???


#2 2020-08-15 21:00:20

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Re: So the First Future Endeavors for AEW

Im surprised they went this long without any releases.  Hopefully they will have a chance again in the future.  I'm more familiar with Bea Priestly's work than I am Sadie Gibbs, but hopefully after the first of the year things will finally calm down a little bit.


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