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Getting Started On The WNS Board

Avatar Setup

  • Change your avatar by clicking "Edit Profile" then "Personality" and "Change Avatar"

  • Your image size will be scaled to 150x150 pixels (w/ aspect ratio intact)

  • Your image should not exceed 1MB (Megabyte)

Theme Setup
You can change the theme by clicking "Edit Profile" then "Display"
You can select from five styles, WNS (Default), Green, Blackest, Merlot and WNS Custom, which is special.

WNS Custom Theme Note:
The WNS Custom theme will tie in your WNS custom settings from the main site. These customized settings tie into the entire WNS network including our Live Chat.
You can change your custom settings here:
Colors are purposed in a "best method possible" WNS custom colors are old and the forum is new. I tied in "header color" to be the same as "border color" to fully support the needs required to change colors without every user with a custom theme having to go in and make new changes and all the old existing changes will work out of the box.

The "WNS Custom" theme also allows use of the "On-Page" XMPP messenger (Get your account). It's free, it can keep you connected to your WNS friends and staff and it's away from the prying eyes of social media, encrypted and a great alternative. You can friend other XMPP servers. Just add them as user@their.xmpp. These aren't emails, they are messenger IDs. Click here for a more detailed how-to document. If you're interested in decentralized communication, this is for you.

Your Social Media Links
You can change your links by clicking "Edit Profile" then "Messaging"
Add your full URL to Facebook and Twitter's section.
WNS XMPP should be added in full format.
I don't use WhatsApp but from what I gather the nature of the app exposes your mobile phone number as a user ID, so use at your own discretion. It will not be made public on your per post section as your other social media links. It will be visible in your profile only.

Live Forum Topic Updates
You can subscribe to a forum and get e-mailed updates by clicking subscribe on any board, but..
you can also visit our live Discord by going here:
A bot will update the chat with new posts from our news feed in #news-bot

Our IRC is being integrated out for Discord so for WNS live chat please use the invite link here

I'm like a Vegeta but trying real hard to be like a Goku.
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