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HC13 Aries Styles
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Re: Who would you like to see in AEW?

Y2JFanatic wrote:

As silly and weird as this sounds, I'd love to see Hornswoggle in AEW. Hornswoggle (Real name: Dylan Postl) was released from WWE. I actually liked the Hornswoggle character as I thought he was funny and entertaining. It be great if they brought him in AEW but if they did, his name would get changed since I'm sure WWE trademarked the Hornswoggle name.

I'd also like to see Wade Barrett make a return to wrestling and sign with AEW... remember Wade Barrett who was the leader of the Nexus? I thought he was great in WWE and too bad he was poorly used after Nexus broke up. Bad News Barrett was a cool character and it be cool if Barrett made the move to AEW sometime in the future.

I'd like to see Sin Cara in AEW 'cause the Luca Brothers could use some more competition in the Mexican wrestlers division.

Enzo & Cass, I don't think they're doing anything as of this moment but I was a fan of them and too bad they didn't last long when they made the main roster in WWE, though. They were entertaining as hell.

James Ellsworth, it was sad what happened to him in WWE 'cause he was entertaining and good performer. It be nice if AEW give him something to do.

Rhyno, I don't think that guy is doing anything as if this moment and the bigger guys in AEW could use some real competition if Rhyno came in.

Ken Anderson would be a great addition to the AEW roster... remember him as Mr. Kennedy in WWE and Mr. Anderson in TNA. He's currently working for the NWA, though.

Bully Ray... maybe someday 'cause he would be a good addition to AEW but he's still working for ROH.

Kurt Angle... now that he's done with WWE, I can see him making the move to AEW... since he's friends with many AEW people so don't be surprised to see Kurt making the switch real soon.

As for wrestler females... I'd like to see Gail Kim, Victoria, Melina and maybe occasional appearances by Terri Runnels aka The Kat.

Good thread!!!!

As for Sin Cara or what-ever he goes by in Mexico,  I'd think AEW does need to sign some more Luchadores to compete with the Lucha Brothers..
Doubt Gail will leave Impact anytime soon, though could be wrong...
Victoria would be a good choice  or Melina,
Terri only do Fan fests  so don't think we will see her??
The Kat was Stacy Carter, who once was married to Jerry Lawler...

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Re: Who would you like to see in AEW?

HC13 Aries Styles wrote:
Y2JFanatic wrote:

Mick Foley in AEW would be great... Foley would come in not as a wrestler but he would be a great manager for a wrestler, though... maybe he could do some kind of authority figure role. They'll find him something to do there.

Him or Sting one will show up before 2020 is over...
Though if Foley would ever wrestle again would love to see him and Dustin some kind of program..

Of the two, I think it's more likely we'd see Sting pop up in AEW. Foley's been tied to the WWE  for so long, I just have a really hard time envisioning him leaving to work somewhere else. Sting, on the other hand, had a pretty lackluster WWE run. I can't imagine he'd want to go out that way. I don't think he'd be treated any differently if he went back to WWE. So maybe he might look at AEW as an opportunity to get one more real run.

I could also think of 3 programs I'd like to see him work:

1. w/Darby Allin- I think they're planting seeds to turn Darby, so this could be fun.

2. w/Jericho- I wouldn't bring Sting in just to put everyone over. This would be a fun program that Sting could win, and Jericho could easily absorb. Jericho is practically Teflon, anyway.

3. w/MJF- I'd have this be his last program. If every wrestler is supposed to retire putting someone else over, I'd have Sting put over MJF on his way out. MJF would be insufferable as the guy who retired Sting, which would be great heel heat.


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