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#1 2020-06-01 21:54:05

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the Battle Royal on the 5-27-2020 edition of Dynamite

Looking back at it lots things happened that got people talking thus the tease of tension with MJF and Wardlow.. Which will either be a swerve of some sort or something to bring a in a different face to be MJF bodygaurd??

Then also the battle of the big men- Wardlow and Luchasaurus a match that can either make one them a bigger star, as both could later lead AEW in the future

Then Colt Cabana yet again getting recruited to the Dark Order, but not taking the offer... Most likely he want join, but what if he tease the join, thus set up Brodie Lee next feud to build his record and character back up after the World title loss at Double or Nothing...

Lastly Jungle Boy wins, setting up the match between the two fan favorites Cody vs Jungle Boy for the TNT title (this week (6-3-2020)... With it more less likely he want win, but they can either set things up for him to go on other things.. With either a Time Limit Draw, or a controversy win  for Cody or yes outside interference from MJF and Wardlow setting up a tag match for next week (6-10-2020), which seems more likely..  Thus furthering the MJF and Jungle Jack feud with both having Battle Royal wins..

What was your thoughts on last weeks battle royal, and what are your thoughts looking forward to this week??


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Re: the Battle Royal on the 5-27-2020 edition of Dynamite

I thought they did a great job with the Battle Royale, and a lot of intriguing things happened.

I don't believe they'll split up MJF and Wardlow anytime soon. They planted a seed though, and when the timing is right, it's something they can easily go back to. In the short-term it was also smart, too, because it at least put the thought in people's heads that they might be about to see the split. That's a good hook.

Cabana's clearly going to be Lee's next feud, and I share your outlook there that he'll be used to rebuild Lee's stock.

Jungle Boy felt like an odd choice to win, to me, at least initially. I thought they might swerve us and have MJF eliminate himself, and let Wardlow take the shot. MJF easily could've kept his heat by bragging how he already beat Cody, and he wanted to be World Champion. After digesting things a bit, however, it's a pretty good call. Cody and Perry are both faces, and are likely to remain so for a good while. So it's a big match you can give away for free, and you don't burn a PPV caliber feud in the process. I do believe we'll see an angle out of this match, but I think it'll be done to set up Cody's next challenge.

The thing I'm most looking forward to this week is the tag title match. I'm really high on Sabian, Havoc and Ford- higher than most, perhaps. The fan in me wants them to win the titles. Realistically, I doubt they will. I'll enjoy seeing them featured so prominently, either way. Here's to (hopeful) new tag champs!


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