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Members of- The Bullet Club reunites in AEW, what next?

-Spoiler- for those  who haven't watched
So last night at the end of AEW Dynamite we seen at the end of the Rey Fenix vs Kenny Omega match, key members of the Bullet Club debut and come out...   First we  seen the Good Brothers- Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows who came out to help Kenny fend off Moxley and most of the mid-card/jobbers that try to help...  Then we see the Young Bucks come to the ring as Brian Pillman Jr and his partner Griff Garrison was holding Omega at one point we see the Bucks superkick them...
Then after that Omega, Anderson and Gallows  held up the too sweet hand gesture, and the Young Bucks joined in...
So did we just see the Bullet Club  form in AEW???   What does this mean for other members of the Club that are in AEW, Hangman Adam Page, and Cody Rhodes??   Will we see any other Bullet Club members (from New Japan, G.o.D, Kenta, Jay White, Chase Owens) show up in AEW??


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Re: Members of- The Bullet Club reunites in AEW, what next?

I'm not 100% convinced the Bucks are "in" just yet. It felt to me like they originally came out to try to diffuse the situation as EVPs, and the Superkicks were a gut reaction to Griff and Pillman Jr. grabbing onto Omega. They seemed conflicted immediately after, but did give into the hand gesture.

That said, I hope the Bucks are in. I'm really excited for this angle. I think it'd be better to keep Page and Cody as their own men if AEWBC is going to be heel, though. There's a lot of potential for this story however, especially if they can build a working relationship with NJPW.


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Re: Members of- The Bullet Club reunites in AEW, what next?

I can see this going throughout most of 2021, if a working relationship with NJPW is able to be formed, unless it already is then even better. I feel that Hangman & Cody could join the group. I might be wrong on this one, but given the stipulation that Kazarian & Daniels will no longer team together the next time they lose. Alongside them teaming with The Young Bucks last night, I can see them challenging Nick & Matt soon, with Kazarian possibly turning on Daniels and joining Omega, Gallows, Anderson, Nick & Matt, as he was a member of The Bullet Club, albeit only for a short time, but nonetheless was still a member.


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Re: Members of- The Bullet Club reunites in AEW, what next?

I never understood why people spoil something in the subject box. Then in the post put a spoiler warning lol.

Kind of kills the point if you already spoiled things in the subject.

In the subject maybe write Bullet Club spoilers? Lol


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