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If CM Punk is in, will he continue to use "Cult Of Personality"? Yes.

It's looking more and more to the possibility that CM Punk is All Elite. For now, I'm not gonna believe anything until AEW confirms it themselves. If Punk is going to AEW, I'm gonna have to start watching again 'cause I haven't been watching AEW for a long while. I'm gonna start watching if he's in 'cause Punk has always been my favorite.

The question is will Punk continue to use his usual "Cult of Personality" theme song which is a song written by rock band, Living Color? My guess is yes absolutely. Yes, Living Color owns the song but I'm sure Punk the man himself pays for some of the rights to the band so he can continue to use his song at wrestling shows and I'm sure AEW company themselves will be paying the band for some of the rights for that song too... so of course, Punk will continue to use it.

Punk will probably come back as a wrestler I would think and think of some of the matches he could have there. Could Sting vs. CM Punk actually happen? Never say never in wrestling! The same with CM Punk vs. Jericho which that is definite possibility. Punk will probably have matches with some of the other guys like Cody Rhodes, Kenny, Adam Page, Darby, MJF, Jake Hager, etc.

Phil Brooks (CM Punk's real name) retired from pro wrestling in 2014 and vowed to never go back to it but maybe he changed his mind and coming out of retirement? Maybe he's seen what AEW is doing and said to himself, "Hmmm... what those guys are doing is pretty cool, I gotta go there.". I don't think Punk is done with wrestling yet.

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Re: If CM Punk is in, will he continue to use "Cult Of Personality"? Yes.

I think most of all know AEW-Tony Kahn will spend money to attract CM Punk, that including buying some rights to play "Cult of Personality"...


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Re: If CM Punk is in, will he continue to use "Cult Of Personality"? Yes.

Honestly, "Cult of Personality" is probably better than anything that their in-house musicians could make for him. I mean, AEW does have some good themes, but I can't see them making a song for Punk that would be better than "Cult of Personality."


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