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Ben Kerin
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Ric Flair's beef with WWE

WWE Hall Of Famer Ric Flair was released by WWE back in August after requesting to be let go from his contract and since his release now feels WWE is trying to erase his legacy.

He claims they have not returned two title belts to him.

More on that here: … is-Legacy/

Additionally,  Flair has responded to Becky Lynch's recent comments claiming Ric is jealous of her and that he is trying to use her for clout to promote his new projects,

More on that here: … hs-Recent/

He tweeted on Lynch, "So Disappointed! I Did This Out Of Respect For You @BeckyLynchWWE! It Made You Millions & Made Me Nothing. After 40 Years Of Being The Man… The Company Doesn’t Own It, And Neither Do You! I’ll Always Be The Man! Ask Your Husband."

What do we think? Is Flair sour with WWE over Charlotte or do you think he has a point on these matters?


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Re: Ric Flair's beef with WWE

Seems like every now and then Ric Flair just self implodes and goes into a spiral. Throughout his career he'll throw his own legacy down the toilet, then a year or two later make his big comeback and "turn his life around". Then a few years later he'll spiral out of control again. The Dark Side Of The Ring episode seems to have triggered this latest downward spiral and now Ric us just throwing away everything else. A very self destructive personality.

You'd think that for a guy who likely doesn't have long left, he'd be a little more appreciative for what he has and what he's accomplished, rather than trying to start petty arguments on Twitter.  The whole thing is very childish and petty, which I guess explains where Charlotte got her shitty unprofessional attitude from.

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