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Happy Corbin & Madcap Moss, great heel tag team, hope it sticks around

Over the years, Baron Corbin has got some gimmick changes. They keep changing his character around a lot for whatever reason but most of the gimmicks he had were pretty bad and boring as hell. Finally, WWE gives him a gimmick that works... Happy Corbin which to me is very entertaining and now he's even more entertaining teaming up with Madcap Moss who has similar gimmick. I think both of these guys are doing a great job with this tag team 'cause they're both funny as hell and both of them are good wrestlers too.

Am I the only one noticing that these guys are starting to get pops from the crowd? Hope I'm not the only one noticing that they are starting to get "cheers"... they're getting a mixed crowd reaction which is kind of cool. I predict they are gonna turn into a "face" tag team in the near future though. Each time Corbin's theme music plays, you are starting to see fans dance to his music each time he comes out with Madcap Moss. Those are just a few signs that they are about to turn into a face tag team real soon.

This is a great team up and I'm hoping WWE keeps them together for a long time 'cause they are actually going somewhere with this one. They're my favorite tag team right now and it's one reason why I continue to watch Smackdown. I can see them becoming bigger stars one day.

What are your thoughts on Corbin & Moss? Do you like them or not?

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