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WWE Supershow...

Not sure if anyone cares or not but I'm gonna post about this anyway, I went to WWE Supershow... a house show in Glens Falls, N.Y. last night. As you all probably figured out by now, the whole point of the "Supershow" was to feature the biggest superstars on both RAW/Smackdown have matches in the ring together, that's why it's called a "Supershow" right?

And a "Supershow" it is. Last night had the biggest current superstars we have who performed in Glens Falls, N.Y. last night. Pretty much  most everyone on the WWE roster were there... it was way cool to see all the top stars in one show: Charlotte, Becky, Seth, Roman, Kevin Owens, Dolph, Natty, Naomi, Bianca... they were all there. Even the newer stars like Matt Riddle, Austin Theory, Damien Priest and Xia Li performed in Glens Falls last night.

Bobby Lashley made a surprise appearance by doing a run-in interference during that Fatal Four Way US Champ match.

Here was the card for anyone curious: … th/179822/

The matches itself were "so and so"... no title changes of course 'cause WWE hardly ever has title changes on non-televised shows anyways. I thought the best match of the night was the RAW Triple Threat women's title match with Becky vs. Bianca vs. Liv Morgan. That match stole the show.

Even though the matches could have been better, it was still very "cool" to see most of the current talent we see on TV live in person.

I would have to say that Naomi and Bianca got the loudest pops in the crowd. I can see why 'cause they were both awesome last night. Their popularity is skyrocketing.

Roman Reigns and the Usos, their popularity are skyrocketing too so I don't see them going away anytime soon despite Paul Heyman going back to Brock. Even though the "Head of the Table" group are heels and they get mixed reactions from boos/pops, their fanbase is growing either way.

I bought myself an RKBro shirt which is what I'm wearing now. It was a good night. I don't see a lot of live wrestling but I do from time to time. Seeing wrestling live is way more fun than seeing it on TV, though. That's what "pro wrestling" is all about. It's what it's here for, it's all about the "live arena show". It was good to see "live wrestling" again after going through a lockdown.

When a "Supershow" comes around your area, I would recommend you go. WWE is doing a good job with these shows. These shows are different than house shows in the past.


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