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#1 2020-02-05 14:46:17

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Brandi Rhodes Nightmare Collective

In recent weeks AEW been showing Brandi having therapy sessions talking about her personality why she surrounded her-self with the Nightmare Collective- Awesome Kong, Mel and Luther...
For those who watch AEW Dark on Tuesdays seen a huge rift came between  Kong and Mel after Mel took a loss from Hikaru Shida..  After the match Kong and Mel began arguing, as it looked as Luther was going get the to calm down he then goes and hold Kong  allowing Mel to get a hard hit onto her, thus attacking throwing her into the security railing and into the ring post, and finally ending with leg drop onto Kong ...  Thus injuring her and putting Kong out...
Now a few Questions, What will Brandi think of this??   What next for Mel and Luther??  When will Kong be back and seek revenge??


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